Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Proper Diet for a Healthy Heart

Action of coronary artery disease and is there a scientific prescription for this diet 11 interesting question and I'm happy to say that the first time really ever there's an embalming consensus among experts about what the right guy its not that hard this is not rocket science its pretty simple and straightforward it involves a lot of fruits and vegetables first and foremost damage America today 150 pounds of sugar a year were not designed to eat any sugar not a drop form so when you read all the sugar like me dude and out it's like trying to keep your car running a on unleaded fuel diesel engine is not gonna run right cuz its not designed for that you feel your design for low carb dot dot that's not it but not the old fashion low fat daddy's its a guy that has a lot of fruits and vegetables in it 9 service 5979 servings of fruits and vegetables its not that I should one serving is a half a cup what is about a handful for simplicity sake so think about three servings of fruits and vegetables the mail or two or three and then have a stack of an apple or banana are berries things like that I drop the day I need to come up with the beauty that is if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and fill you up I feel you up with a lot of fluid in fiber and neutrins but not a lot of calories cause a food that taste good to you and I for calories does our ancestors they didn't die from over nutrition like we do today they die from starvation so we have something programmed into a hotel does nothing to taste sweet or taste fatty is good to us because we designed to withstand. Of starvation and scarcity except today and are the world we live in today its own environment chronic overabundance so this is where you have to rely on eating just a natural foods at your design and I say fruits and vegetables are the best because the loan calories the high in nutrients and those nutrients we learn sure you can take a multivitamin you take a high dose vitamin E supplement or something but they don't do the same thing for you eating foods what are you drinking everyday like most Americans is the wrong stuff its like poppers are number one beverage pop soda pop culture whatever you wanna call it the worst beverages to drink for high fructose corn syrup it's a totally on natural fuel that distorts your metabolic milieu your hormones everything taste great it's terribly nasty stuff never drink pop even die pockets not very good you know the answer to drink a drink water water pure water that's what you need to drink to about 8 glasses a day if you wanted to talk to to 1040 another great beverage iced tea or hot tea green tea is ideal but dot of blood black is fine too Coffee is okay because turns out coffee and tea are both good for increasing your metabolism what else to get your way down may be helpful for preventing type 2 diabetes coffee and Tara are also good for us because they're at their high in antioxidants nutrients that are low in calories like water like written by Charles this is the high nutrient to calorie ratio foods that you're supposed to eat did you design nothing really important point is it you have to make sure you get enough protein RSS it a lot of protein but you know what it was very different than a kind of protein United today it wasn't fatty marbled prime rib or all this luncheon need to deep fried chicken that stuff was not an option they lean protein from things like fish and shellfish while game again Lopez deer and that kind of meat is high in protein and hi to make it 3 fat a good that I am on Saturday that's a good that too low in saturated fat it wasn't burn didn't have any of the hormones in and salt and preservatives and each other chemicals we put in the middle but I'm self bring me to the bad and a lot of meat are bad but protein is good and it just has to be lean clean protein and you need to three times a day does protein is the nutrient that keeps you filled up can you eat protein yeah and specialty did with like fire and water to have a an apple and some protein in the city or water you're not hungry for 3-4 hours because your body knows how to process to steal this is the field at your design to run on weed this way you feel better you look better than heart disease diabetes

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