Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How Walking Can Save Your Heart

             Walking is a great way to keep your heart in good shape but how long must you want some experts say 30 minutes a day is enough but I disagree the best route to heart health is the walk one hour each and every day and here's why when you start to walk your body relies on your built in energy reserves for about the first half hour after that your body's other biological processes kickin and this is what translates into major rewards first your body increases its blood supply to your heart ordinarily these tiny vessels are close by bike continuing to walk they open up creating alternative blood flow this could actually save your life if your heart coronary arteries become Block second as you continue to walk your body booth this production of nitric oxide a chemical that helps keep your heart coronary arteries young and flexible your three simple walking tips to get you off to a good start don't worry if you're not accustomed to walking for an hour just start where you are and build up to it gradually build in some variety investigate new places to walk for refreshing change of scenery invite your spouse Renee Bor long before long you'll find they will depend on you for that daily walk which makes it harder for you to slack off there are lots of ways to make your heart healthy but there are also lots of ways to damage it that's why I wrote fix it Dr Crandall's 90 day program to stop and reverse heart disease in it I tell you how to start walking program your TV how many steps a day you need to save your heart what's the best exercise to add to walking how walking benefits your whole body I'm dr.johnson Crandall and thanks for watching this heart health minutes see you next time get.

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