Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Have a Healthy Heart

        February is heart mountain near here for the train working up to help you with heart healthy I can do that make you the world expert on your body first off I gotta exercise as I travel all over the planets look new place with people in a long time and guess what is your one comin atcha daily vigorous physical activity going to church size in 30 minutes a day going to park the guitar without the rebels engines you live longer and let them eat healthy does that mean take away all the food you love you like it sevyn servings of vegetables to make me food still do that whatever else you want you won't be very hungry we lose weight but you look healthier for the fifth one except the healthy weight who do I see great things for a bike ride with chronic illnesses know why you get off tweet on boy that big belly that your belly to see so often got too much belly fat does sleeping at all Minton sounds like moment without the app that puts pressure on your kidneys ache in blood pressure without the normal blood pressure on the holes like back in the wallet behind the whole back I gotta fix it well I think so with the plaster what somebody's plaster its colestrol belly fat on the belly fat also poison deliver to make more the lower LDL cholesterol chips factory in that whole back I just made my high blood pressure to set up a practice like to see a smoke more problems the smoking like a pound in holes in the walls of your lying get ahold of them to prom finally fat belly fat black people tip n split the work that means you have high like to get this how do I was your girl like having broken piece of glass shops place a couple lines of you are you have more that ass was closest we have to do surgery and all the time you want to be there to partner with your doctor member the word doctor needs teacher education you're the students to pick your nose and you can pay attention to come to express your help ever born your body Temple of Jerusalem garden did you all the best this month and learn to live heart healthy.

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